Complete project

New technologies for the optical centre

The complete project is composed of a series of Wi‐Fi connected devices, managed using a Controller tablet and a specific software. It is possible to “build” the system according to the needs of the optical centre: the instruments can be sold individually or (some of them/all) can be integrated to the system. The heart of the system is the Controller tablet, and through the use of this tablet it is possible to manage all the devices. To use the devices you need a router or access point for connection.


Basic system

3D Near Vision tablet (3D‐NV) without polarized glasses


3D Far Vision monitor with polarized glasses
Eye‐Frame Assistant (EFA) application
Printer (it is recommended to use a wi‐fi printer compatible with Android; the already configured printer is HP DeskJet 3520)

In development

55″ Monitor for visual rehabilitation and Sport Vision
Other tools